Yellow Dog Linux Designed For PlayStation 3

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The PlayStation 3 may have a great/awful Gamepad, and pretty decent online functionality, but can it run Linux? Yes. Yes it can. Yellow Dog linux just announced that its Linux V5.0 works with the PS3, which includes FireFox, Open Office, and whatever you feel like installing.


Thanks to the PS3's 20GB/60GB hard drive, you're free to plug in a mouse and keyboard, install Yellow Dog Linux, and use this as a regular computing machine. Since the PS3 can output 1080p, you can probably even install some media player functionality and bittorrent downloading software to rig up a one-stop-shop for high definition media playback. Maybe the PS3 is going to be awesome after all!

Give you PS3 an OS with Open Office, Firefox... [Akihabara News]


What if you want the winning format?

There is no guarantee Bluray won't be Laserdisc or Beta. Until it is the proven winner, Bluray is a liability in the PS3.