Yet Another Portable NES, the nPod

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As mentioned the other day on sister site Kotaku, it seems that making portable versions of yesterday's favorite video game consoles is the newest fad to sweep the Internet.


What we have here is just the latest in a long line of such mods. Dubbed the nPod (watch out for Apple's lawyers), it's a portable NES designed and created by Benjamin Heckendorn. It's the product of his seemingly ceaseless effort to improve upon his previous portable NES mods, and this might just represent the sweet spot with regards to weight and size. Heckendorn says he'll build more of them (for a price, obviously) if there's a demand, since he's already sold the one we so boldly picture here.

So if the thought of playing Super Mario Bros. 3 in its original form on those long rides to Grandma's house sound tempting, why not give the nPod a closer look?

The Amazing nPod [ via MAKE Blog]

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