Yodobashi, Our Home Away From Home

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The Akihabara district is the center of all things electronic in Japan, as you know. Kind of like a swelling, beating heart full of circuitry. On September 16th, the newest and biggest (six levels of underground parking) electronics superstore of them all, Yodobashi-Akiba, opened it's doors to a huge crowd. People waited in line for 3 days to be the first to enter the new store. Which sounds like a long time until you consider how long Buddhists wait to enter Shangri-La, which is what this is to the gadget faithful. Yodobashi is not only huge, but has everything imaginable inside. From cellphones to iPods to cosmetics to airsoft guns, and probably even that one device that does everything you want it to. Stop by and check it out if you're in Akihabara anytime soon (and send us pictures).

It's OPEN! [Q-Taro]


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