You Better Buy This Router Cooler Because Your Router Might Be on Fire RIGHT NOW

HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR ROUTER? IS IT ON FIRE? ARE YOU SURE? CHECK IT AGAIN. ARE YOU SURE IT'S STILL NOT ON FIRE? CHECK AGAIN. Actually, just buy Dr. Cool, a dedicated router cooler that solves a problem nobody has.

Evercool's completely superfluous router accessory will keep your scalding hot flameball of IP death from burning down your house and killing everyone you know and love in a terrible fire, through a single 8-centimeter fan, and... well, it looks like just the fan. A small fan that will probably make a whiny noise.


So, if you keep your router under several thick rugs, inside a running oven, or point several powerful spotlights on it, this dinky stupid thing may slightly prolong its life. [Evercool via MaxPC]

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