You Can Buy Breast Milk Icecream in London For $22 a Bowl

Illustration for article titled You Can Buy Breast Milk Icecream in London For $22 a Bowl

We've seen cheese made from breast milk, but icecream? That's a little too close to home for me. If the thought of mother's milk appeals to you, you can hotfoot it to the Icecreamists parlor in London's Covent Garden, which is selling the Baby Gaga bowl of icecream for £14 ($22).


Each donor is being paid £15 ($24) for every ten ounces of milk extracted using breast pumps—which a mother friend of mine told me would take an hour to pump. That milk would be better off being donated to children in hospitals than feeding screaming Londoners desperate for a quick twitpic to brag about, but the Icecreamists has at least chosen to blend the breast milk with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest.

Living up to its name, the icecream is served by a Lady Gaga-lookalike wielding a liquid nitrogen-filled syringe for added thrills to the chills. [Icecreamists via Daily Mail]



haha this article just makes me think of this classic Little Britain sketch