HTC's latest revision to its One smartphone might not be all that revolutionary, but it's still a damn good phone. If you prioritize great design over the latest and greatest features, the One M9 might be the Android handset you need in your life. And, if you have $650 and an internet connection, you can make that a reality right now.


The One M9 was originally slated to launch on April 10, but it looks like HTC have jumped the gun — for online orders, at least. Starting at 12:01AM today, you can buy on-contract versions of the M9 on HTC's web store, where unlocked models will run you $649.

If you don't fancy $649 down, and want to buy a subsidised phone from your carrier, you're also in luck. AT&T is selling the M9 for $199 with a 2-year contract, Sprint is selling the handset on its lease programme, and Verizon will be doing the same deal as AT&T starting April 1st.

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