You Can Crash This RC Helicopter as Many Times as You Want

The only thing that differentiates this remote control safety cage RC helicopter from the one designed by robot researchers at the EPFL is an $80 price tag. Because you can actually buy this one from Kyosho, and don't need a research grant to build your own.


Otherwise, you can crash this eight-inch sphere into the walls, the furniture, and even the people in your home. Its plastic 360-degree roll cage will shrug off any impact and prevent its spinning rotors from causing further damage. It's basically the perfect flying toy for amateurs who've never piloted an airborne craft before, or who may never actually get the hang of it. Now if only there were full-sized cars as safe as this. [Kyosho via Tech-On!]


Andrew Liszewski

It would be great if you could cover this in an ultra-thin ultra-breathable fabric to turn it into a floating Death Star. But I imagine even the most breathable of fabrics would severely impair its ability to fly.