You Can Customize These Cardboard Pinball Machines However You Want

There’s a certain appeal to playing a pinball machine that even video game versions can’t perfectly replicate. And with these cheap miniature cardboard versions, pinball fans can finally customize their own machines using a glue gun, hobby knife, and other crafting supplies at their disposal.


The PinBox 3000 comes as a build-it-yourself kit. But you don’t need to be a mechanic or an engineer to assemble the 12 sheets of pre-scored laser-cut cardboard into your very own pinball machine. Just an hour of free time, some patience, and a lot of creativity.

The $50 kits are being made available through a Kickstarter campaign that has about a week left to reach its $10,000 funding goal. It comes with everything you’ll need to build the raw pinball machine, including two blank interchangeable play boards where your creativity can really run wild. Want the world’s first Golden Girls-themed pinball machine? It’s up to you to make it a reality.

Keeping score is up to the individual player, but because the cardboard machines are so cheap, you can actually invent different kinds of games with multiple units. For example, two of them can be linked back-to-back, letting you flick a ball onto your opponent’s table for a head-to-head competition. But like in a real arcade, you’ll want to keep your drinks off these pinball machines since cardboard and liquids do not mix well at all. [Kickstarter - PinBox 3000 via Make]