You Can Daisy-Chain These Crock Pots So You Only Need One Outlet

As you prepare your amazing Thanksgiving feast tomorrow you'll probably realize there's something missing in your kitchen. But it's not a key side dish you've forgotten—it's enough power outlets to keep hot plates, slow cookers, coffee makers, and all your other appliances running. The folks behind the Crock-Pot have got your back, though, with a modular set of slow cookers that can be daisy-chained so they only need a single outlet.


Called the Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System, the slow cookers all sidle up to each other with the last one in the line connecting to a nearby outlet. Up to six of the units can be connected together at once, and each of them can have their own custom temperature setting for keeping food perfectly warm. The individual units range in price from $50 for a two-quart model, to $55 for a 3.5-quart or dual-pot model, letting you really up your meatball game come the next Super Bowl. [Crock-Pot via Notcot]

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