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You Can Finally Buy Yourself the Tiny Rideable Train You Always Wanted

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We may have asked for video games, toys, and bikes, but deep down every kid hopes that come Christmas morning they'll find a ride-on miniature train under the tree, with track laid all throughout their house. For the average kid, it's a fantasy that has little chance of coming true. But every kid eventually turns into an adult, and if you've got a good job and an extra $23,000 kicking around, you can finally make your childhood fantasy a reality.

Powered by four 250-watt, 24-volt electric motors, this 1:8 scale locomotive can pull a whopping 1,600 pounds up a three percent grade. So it can easily handle as many kids—or adults—as you can pack into its box car. Since it's electric, the train also includes a 50-watt sound system to recreate the steam-powered chugging sound that actively matches its speed, and it generates realistic smoke from its stack, of course.


The locomotive even features a regenerative braking system to recharge the batteries while it's slowing down. And with 228 feet of track included, those long walks to the bathroom in the middle of the night could be easily replaced with an awesome miniature train ride. [Hammacher Schlemmer]