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You Can Finally Share Photos Natively Using Twitter

Illustration for article titled You Can Finally Share Photos Natively Using Twitter

Wow. Five years after it launched, Twitter has finally added native photo-sharing to its service. Starting now, all users have a camera icon that lets you add a photo to your tweet.


Images that are 3MB or less in size can be uploaded and embedded into a tweet. If a user follows you they will see the image and a link. If they don't follow you, they will see a "Click to Display Media" message. You can even add a hashtag to your image so others can find it using Twitter's photo and video search feature. In the future, Twitter will enable image galleries and add this upload feature to its mobile apps. [Twitter via TechCrunch]

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I just saw this pop up on my screen and was really annoyed to have my Tweeting so rudely interrupted.