You Can Get an Xbox/Kinect for $99 Now

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We heard about a crazy $99 Xbox/Kinect bundle last week, but we weren't sure what the catch would be. Now we do: You need to sign up for a two-year $15 per month Xbox Live Gold contract. Not bad!


The total cost of the contract comes to about $360, but that's a wash if you're going to be getting a Gold subscription anyway. Microsoft's been pushing the low-cost 4GB Xbox model for a while now, and along with the Kinect, it makes for a formidable competitor for the Apple TV as a $100 media center. The $15 per month is more than the current cost of a Gold membership, but that could be offset by additional media streaming services offered in the plan, like the Spotify competitor Microsoft is reportedly showing at this year's E3.

We know that there won't be a new Xbox at this year's E3, so you should be future-proofed for most of the life of a two-year contract starting now. [Microsoft via Engadget]



You can get Xbox Live Gold for $5 per month. And the 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect for $300.

That is not a wash, that is a rip off.

(24 * $15) + ($100) = $460

(24 * $5) + ($300) = $420

And if you buy Xbox Live Gold in 12 month groups you can get it for $4 per month:

(24 * $4) + ($300) = $396