You Can Livestream From a GoPro On Meerkat Now, Nice

The latest shot in in the brewing livestreaming app war has been fired by Meerkat. You can now stream footage to the service from your GoPro, which is both useful and cool.

The GoPro-Meerkat integration is currently in Beta, and though we can’t try it this second (our GoPros are in a moving crates on the way to a new office), it seems pretty simple:


Currently, it’s only available for the GoPro Her0 3, but the Hero 4 should join the livestream party soon.

It’s long been possible to stream online from your GoPro to YouTube, Ustream, and other services, but if this is really that simple, it’s pretty sweet! There are millions upon millions of GoPros out there, so the new integration will immediately be useful to lots of users. Let’s see if anybody actually puts it to work.

[Variety and CNBC]

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