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You Can Now Add a Hard Drive to the Impossibly Tiny Kangaroo PC For Loads of Storage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With three USB ports, it’s easy to expand the original Kangaroo Mobile Desktop’s 32GB of onboard storage with external drives. But the new Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro goes one step further, by adding a 2.5-inch bay that lets you install terabytes of extra dedicated storage.


That’s not the only upgrade the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro has to justify its $200 price tag—which is twice as much as the base version of the tiny PC. The Pro, which is essentially an add-on dock that almost doubles the size of the Kangaroo, also adds an ethernet port and a VGA-connector, making it compatible and easier to use with older video projectors and computer monitors.


It’s got a dedicated audio jack too, for connecting headphones or speakers. An iOS app that allowed an iPad to serve as a screen for the Kangaroo now works with the iPhone as well. Running a full copy of Windows 10 on a screen that small might be an act of frustration, but if you’re trying to power through an Excel spreadsheet while crammed into a tiny airplane seat, it might be a smart way to maximize the limited space you have.

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