You can now buy those awesome posters for Imaginary Sequels

Remember Iam8Bit's unveiling of their new gallery show, Sequel? Well, good news everyone, now that the show has opened, every poster in the series is available to view and purchase online. Check out even more of these amazing art pieces that have us longing for sequels that might have been.


Header Image Credit: The Rocketeer: Crimsons Skies by Alex Griendling

Although you can still check out the gallery in person - it runs for another week, until November 23rd - every poster in the collection can now be bought from Iam8Bit's webstore. The link is at the bottom of the post, but for now, check out some of the best sequels you've yet to see below:

The Iron Giants, by James Gilleard


Hellboy 3: Anung Un Rama & The Right Hand of Doom by Orlando Arocena


Batman 2 by Marco D'Alfonso


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