You Can Now Torrent a Blu-ray Version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (If You Dare)

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Well, it finally happened. After months of crappy cam videos, the Blu-ray version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available on torrent sites all over the internet. Let me be very honest with you, though: you probably shouldn’t download it.

Lots and lots of people are downloading it, however. Torrent Freak reports that 250,000 people downloaded the original torrent in the span of 12 hours. That’s a drop in the bucket when compared to a movie like Interstellar, which garnered over 46 million torrent downloads last year. At a pace of 250,000 downloads in every 12 hours, though, The Force Awakens could become the most torrented movie of the year—maybe ever.

But torrent with caution, if that’s your thing. Since this is such a big movie, your chances of getting a letter from your ISP or a file full of malware are especially high. You could also just go out and buy Star Wars on Blu-ray or pay to download a legal copy. It’s a great movie—albeit not perfect—so just consider it money well spent.