You Can Officially Browse Your Vine Feed on the Web

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Up until now, you've been stuck scrolling through your Vine timeline while hunched over a tiny smartphone screen. Today, though, Twitter's video service has officially unveiled a fully functional browser version along with a brand new, spiffy, full-screen TV Mode.

Users have been able to register their future Vine URLs for a few months now, but little else had been known other than the fact that some sort of profile would eventually exist. The browser version of Vine is highly reminiscent of Instagram's own web-based extension, allowing users to browse through a feed of everyone they follow, view user profile, and like and comment on videos as they so choose.

One of biggest differences from its Facebook-owned counterpart, though, is Vine's new TV-mode. By hovering your cursor over a video in your timeline, a tiny TV pops up that, once clicked, brings you into full-screen mode. From here, you can click back and forth between that users' entire Vine history. A pretty handy feature all told, particularly considering Vine's favor among filmmakers. This click through would give any sort of series a greater sense of cohesion in what's already become a highly creative medium. So this web browser is convenient as is, sure, but more than anything, we can't wait to see how people expand it. [Vine]


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Go Hawkeyes

Because the perfect thing to show on a TV is a 6 second video that has dimensions completely different than a TV.