You Can Pile 400 Pounds of Toys Into This Over-Sized Plastic Dump Truck

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Challenging Tonka’s super-tough construction toys, this giant plastic dump truck (with reinforced steel axles) is engineered to be strong enough to withstand up to 400 pounds of pressure. Which means you can fill it with a mountain of toys without having to worry about it breaking.

A plastic pin and a pair of rotating hooks ensure the toy truck’s cargo isn’t going to dump out as it’s being driven around a living room or back yard. But when kids are ready to make a mess, those safety measures can be released and the back of the truck can be dumped using a kid-friendly handle on top.


At $170 it’s pretty expensive as far as plastic toy trucks go. But it also comes with a lifetime guarantee so if your grandchildren end up breaking it, you can still get it replaced. However, it sounds like it might go through quite a few generations before needing any serious repairs. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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