You Can Play Hungry Hungry Hippos With 3D-Printed Jeremy Clarkson Heads

We all get a little hangry from time to time, and if you want to show your support for Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson and his recent 'disagreements' with the BBC, you can now 3D-print some replacement heads for the popular Hungry Hungry Hippos game turning each animal into a ravenous miniature version of Jezza.


The 3D-printable model was created by someone at Robox, a company that makes the CEL Robox 3D printer, and has been provided as a free download over on My Mini Factory. You won't necessarily need a CEL Robox 3D printer to make your own, but you will need at least four different colors of filament if you intend to swap out every hippo head on your game.

Now how long before someone makes matching hippo heads for Hammond, May, and the Stig as well? [My Mini Factory via Neatorama]


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