You Can Preorder Amazon's Fire Phone Right Now

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Just can't wait to get your hands on Amazon's new Fire Phone ? You're in luck: you can preorder it right now (from Amazon, natch) and have it arrive on July 25th.


As we've mentioned, the Fire Phone is an AT&T exclusive (sorry, Verizon, T-Mo, and Sprint customers), available for $200 on-contract for the 32GB version. That comes with a year of Amazon Prime for free (as a limited time offer), which means you're effectively paying closer to $100. Given the phone's scan-and-buy-just-about-anything capabilities with Firefly , Amazon's probably betting you'll end up spending all the money you saved, and more, when you get yours.



It is funny what when Apple has an event to announce their slightly refined phone and OS, we get no fewer than a dozen articles on Gizmodo all together. However, when Amazon announces their first phone and some interesting features, we get an article and a pre-order now link.