Even with the most expensive racing bikes there's some assembly required. So taking that idea one step further, Tristan Kopp's prodUSER cycle doesn't even come with all the parts you need to build it. In order to fully assemble the bike, you'll need to scavenge whatever you can find for the sections that make up its frame.

It sounds a little dangerous (and a lot hipster) but it's literally only as terrifying as you choose to make it. If you opt for long shafts of milled titanium, then the bike will be able to endure whatever you can throw at it. But if you decide that rolled up newspaper is strong enough, you'll want to keep it out of the rain or away from sprinklers.


The advantage to the system, is mostly price. With less materials to produce and ship, the overall cost of the bike should, in theory, be cheaper. But that remains to be seen as the prodUSER hasn't quite gone on sale just yet. So before our hearts are broken when we discover it will cost $10,000+, don't throw away any chair legs or paper towel tubes just yet.

[Tristan Kopp via MoCo Loco]