You Can Totally Afford a Birkin Bag—If It's Made of Lego

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The Hermes Birkin bag is the handbag holy grail. One costs as much as $150,000 and for years you'd have to sit on a lengthy waiting list just for the right to buy the pricey purse. The list no longer exists, but even if you're lacking an extra stack of cash you can have a Lego Birkin bag right now.


You'll have to wait about 21 days for the Etsy shop Agabag to build you one in the color of your choice, but still, you can't exactly be poor because the Lego tribute costs $400. By that logic, if you can afford a Lego Birkin, maybe you already have the real deal. And if you don't, every time you shlep the recreation, it would be a reminder that you're still very far down the waiting list for your Hermes bag and your life is sad and empty. [Agabag via Racked via Refinery29]



I'll say it now, if you walk around with a handbag made from legos you're either a mega hipster or a completely ridiculous person. I remember people who used to walk around with backpacks/belts made from car parts (seatbelt belts, rubber tire backpacks) and they just looked stupid.

Disclaimer: I'm not a fashionista just a practical person who likes objects that have purpose