You Don't Need To Be a Cryptologist To Read Tokyo Flash's Latest Watch

With increasingly complex designs, Tokyo Flash continues to cement itself as the go-to watch maker for collectors who don't need to actually tell the time. But its new Kisai Logo model breaks the mould with an LCD display that's fairly straightforward to interpret.


The minutes are displayed digitally in the center of the screen, surrounded by blocks that are roughly in the same position as the hours on a traditional analog clock face. But if you like feeling like a member of the CIA's code-cracking team, the $139 (available at launch for $99) Kisai Logo also has a binary mode which requires you to distinguish and count a display full of seemingly random blocks to translate the time. If you're up for the challenge, the watch is available now in black, blue, or white finishes.

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[Tokyo Flash via Engadget]

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Neato! But I'll stick with my wind-up skeleton watch, thanks. Although, why you'd make a watch full binary instead of BCD is beyond me. Who has time to count all those blocks?