The one thing you can’t buy at Lululemon to help you with your fitness routine is motivation. But IMAX thinks it can get your butt off the sofa with a new cycling class that takes place in front of one its massive and immersive movie screens.

The first IMAXShift spin class will be available in DUMBO neighborhood, an affluent neighborhood in Brooklyn, and will accommodate 50 cyclists plus an experienced instructor leading the stationary charge.


What sets IMAXShift apart from other spin classes is that riding in front of a massive IMAX screen will make the participants feel as if they’re actually riding through whatever environment is projected in front of them, filling their field of view. One morning it could be an idyllic forest, but the next it could be the rings of Saturn.

Will the spin class guarantee a more rigorous workout? Probably not. But it’s easier to stay focused and determined to stick out to the end if you’re distracted by a giant eye-melting screen in front of you.



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