You Now Have No Excuse Not to Email Your Member of Congress

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When you have to go to three whole separate websites to find the names and email addresses of your representatives, it’s easy to pass on contacting them. But thanks to a new tool made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, that job now requires about five clicks (and just a little moral stamina).


The EFF’s new website is called, and it’s pretty damn simple: plug in your address, choose your representatives, and then compose your message. Of course, there’s no guarantee that your lawmaker will listen to you — in fact, this probably just makes whiny constituents easier for them to auto-file into a special email folder — but anything that helps hold Congress to account is more than welcome.


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As someone who has worked in a senator’s office, the best way to get them to listen is to go to a fundraising event. Not all events are $2,000 a plate meals. The congressman I worked for had tons of cheap fundraisers for college students and community members that basically paid for the food and rental fees for a park, but were a great excuse to meet people.

Find out when and where fundraising events are, show up and pay a few bucks at smaller events. You’ll get to chat with a representative in-person and they will care. Also, you’ll get invited to more things and you meet amazing people.

Letters and calls are taken seriously, but they are grouped together. Also, you get plenty of crazy and mean emails and calls in that bunch so they can be easier to ignore. If someone is willing to donate even $100, they’ll often get a personal call.