You Won't Find This Motorhome in Any Trailer Park

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I'm not a fan of motorhomes, but I will absolutely say yes to the gloriously naff and shiny Futuria, a luxury trailer that includes bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, a jacuzzi on a 11-foot roof teak-floored terrace, and a car garage:

The monster was presented on August 27 at the Dusseldorf's Caravan Salon 2010. It also also has a lounge, a bunk, and built-in booming sound system.


If I had $840,000 to spare, I would consider it, as long as they include a Porsche, a Jaguar, and a Mercedes mini-me sport car instead of the super car. [Futuria via BornRich]


Nothing to See Here!

For that money you could buy a massive house, and have everything in this put into the home, and still have money left over.

You could spend the money on one of these but a smaller version.