You'll Soon Be Able To Use K'NEX To Build Your Own Custom Dart Guns

How many times have you found yourself playing with a Nerf gun and thought you could come up with a cooler design? That dream will soon be a reality according to the folks at Blaster Labs because at some point this year K'NEX will be releasing new building sets that let you design and construct your own foam dart blaster.


There's not a lot of details to go on just yet as K'NEX Brands LLC isn't expected to make the official announcement until a few weeks from now, but Blaster Labs got its hands on a series of images from the company's new K-FORCE line showing three models including the K'NEX K-FORCE Build-and-Blast Foil Blaster, the K'NEX K-FORCE Build-and-Blast Equalizer Blaster, and the K'NEX K-FORCE Build-and-Blast Impact Blaster.

There's no doubt the new sets will be officially unveiled at upcoming toy industry trade shows in London and New York, or if the new line will be limited to just these three leaked models. But since they're all made of K'NEX, you can just let your imagination run wild and build whatever you want if you're disappointed with these initial offerings. [Blaster Labs]


Photos courtesy Blaster Labs

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