Your Dell Streak Questions (Mostly) Answered

Dell's released a handy video addressing some Streak FAQs. The gist: They're planning on going with Froyo, although it's running Android 2.1 for now. It's also not compatible with T-Mobile 3G. But when can you actually buy one?


That's the real question, and one that was maybe kinda sort of answered today when this image showed up on the Dell Streak pre-order page:

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That would imply that you can start buying Streak tomorrow, although pre-ordering is back up and running. Which puts us right back in the dark. Still, a little new info is better than no new info at all. [SlashGear]


is it really that hard to include all of the gsm 3g frequencies? especially on an unlocked device seems like it would be a huge benefit to have it work on as many carriers as possible