Your Eyes Aren't Sharp Enough To Justify This 9.6-Inch 4K Display

Illustration for article titled Your Eyes Arent Sharp Enough To Justify This 9.6-Inch 4K Display

Today Ortus Technology, a Japanese manufacturer of industrial flat panel displays, announced a new 9.6-inch TFT boasting a whopping resolution of 3840x2160. For those keeping score, that happens to be the newly appointed 4K UHD standard, and the same as Sony's $25,000 84-inch behemoth.


Except that on an 84-inch TV your eyes have an actual chance of discerning all those extra pixels, providing a more immersive viewing experience than HDTV. On a 9.6-inch display you'll never be able to get close enough to warrant all those extra dots. Your eyes simply aren't that sharp, and they never will be. The company claims the displays will be well suited to medical applications, and professional broadcast gear where high-resolution imagery is important. But at 458ppi Ortus' screen crushes even the iPhone 5's retina display, and when was the last time you were able to discern an individual pixel on that? [Ortus Technology via Tech-On!]

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Tim Ramich

It's not that difficult to see the pixels on an Apple "retina" screen.