Your Facebook Like Is Worth $174.17

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Are you generous with your Facebook Likes? Do you click that thumbs up button for anything that even just slightly amuses you? Maybe you should start charging for liking things. According to a study, your Likes of a brand on Facebook are worth about $174.17 to that brand.


Syncapse, a social intelligence company, conducted a study with more than 2,000 Facebook users who liked a brand and considered a Facebook user's product spending, loyalty, recommendations, brand affinity and more to come up with the number. It turns out Facebook fans spend more money on the brands they like—$116 a year more than nonfans—even if their income was equal. In addition, those who liked brands were 18% more satisfied with the brand and 11% more likely to continue buying the brand. I guess all those little percentages add up to $$$ for the brand.

So uh, when should we expect our checks to start coming in the mail? [Business News Daily]


So shouldnt this really read "those who 'like' things are more likely to spend $174.17 on those things on average"?

It seems the sample is biased here; like saying those who buy milk drink .75 cups of milk a day more than those who don't.