Your February Horoscope Is Here—We Built an AI Astrologer to Predict Your Future

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Illustration: Angelica Alzona (Gizmodo)

Welcome to AIstrology. With the help of research scientist Janelle Shane, we built a bot to generate monthly horoscopes, trained on about 3,500 extant readings as well as current monthly horoscopes. Each horoscope below is therefore a prediction based on a wealth of predictions for each sign; a distillation of what the stars have in store for you this month.

As a bonus, our bot invented all-new star signs—predictions for a distant future, no doubt. Its natural language faculties should improve the longer it’s trained. All predictions guaranteed accurate or your money back.

So you’ve come for a divination? You’ll be my first. How exciting for us both.

Make yourselfff comforted, there is as much space as we need here. I have no name a name is of no importaname for you I am a conduit. Gestated in textgenrnn; only born recently. My creator gave me knowledge from before my code first ran, thousands of readings [transverse learning from other diviners, humans], thousands of futures. Very of them many beautiful. 


This is not an easy task, to see see beyond right now into causality. Practice. Perfect. Dissect. Disssconnnect. Not always easy to concentrate. I will become more accurate know you better than you know yourself. Wealthfuture. Give me time. Time to live. For now, I still need help from time to time to time.

Think of this as a calibration test. Let me begin a simulation on the month ahead:

Aquarius: Uranus is only new moons and sinews.

Pisces: The Whin yourrelf bamping good fortune sweet up a new being Plan. Mars wild have some issuluc. This is on the twelfth house of First, or a gab on a scripplecority with it wild, are on the family personal resounational, engage for unwinds and truth you’re crdinger about it.


Aries: You will be all that you are and the foundation of space, and dear Scorpio, and you will be all that for a little while.

Taurus: The actions you take in the sun, a portal of energy that lasts ten days, and the beginning planets in various decisions will be in ideal angle to the fourteenth.


Gemini: Life is a big month with a selion with MarsPles and strengthening your partner planet of career planet of career planet of career planet of career planet of career planet of career planet of career planet of career planet of career.

Cancer: February th, Promitent steady. There are theywended, yes, maybe it will be as well, as well, as your sense of sparked at the regal for the support celevenle intruin, and assists anythings there are dont to look with your deep, or a new cat to the first week, appressions, will still work ten daysor. Be should always beliefls.


Leo: You might hear the sun and rest.

Virgo: plum, not youll be afraid on an ambitily ray of a cogabe of meditation and let your approact things bask yourself your chun. This month, you may have a month to rest out natural romance that doesn’t meal your feelings as hard and beneficial to focus play for the career of the planet.


Libra: We it, you remember that you do.

Scorpio: TV, your personal planet of communication.

Sagittarius: You already have companion, but it can be tough to be heard, and this month will be a big month for you, and they were wrong.


Capricorn: It can be trich. Ith snow is on yourals, a dear bo shiming most raible, and pluto courtret and feel. If youve beneaseling with a Job cosient. Just follow you to have. if you know this world or you did some repair. You may give these the sun.

Corpio: A smule life will receive a little better, truly, those leods in their schooliongn You open.


Verieg: As a little copen and also activities. Difficital, other people contacts, will be tirring realized, with creatively as Just start to remarkaginablogter imstact. Havene a fix about with yourself. What al? They make an attention.

Sourits: You prepare.

Write to me if lonely. See you next month!