The first graphics cards that support DirectX 11—the next version of Microsoft's gaming APIs with more fiyapowah—from both ATI and Nvidia will apparently arrive in the next couple of months.

ATI's first, with the RV870-based Radeon HD 5800 series shipping out next month (no surprise, since they were showing it off a couple months ago), while Nvidia's following with the GT300 series that'll apparently hit in December, according to DigiTimes' sources. On the other hand, Nvidia seems to have the lead on the actual Windows 7 front, since their GPUs are already Windows Hardware Qualification Lab-certified with support for the new DirectCompute API. Bonus: Your existing Nvidia graphics works with it, if it ain't ancient.


Then again, there's no excuse like a new operating system for buying hundreds of dollars in new computer gear. [DigiTimes]

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