Sassy songstress Robyn's new single is a catalog of stuff that's currently pissing her off: her email, her diet, her high heels, her boyfriend, and seemingly everything else. The song's interactive video lets you add your own gripes via Twitter.

The video, which was produced by Stopp and can be found on Robyn's official site, culls complaints from Twitter (those followed by the tag #killingme) and features them during the second half of the song.


What's currently getting under the internet's skin? On my most recent viewing: "the system," "this heat," "my heart," and "not having 3D glasses," the last of which will help you enjoy the video's wooshing geometry to the fullest extent.

What's killing me? Record labels dumping thousands of dollars into generic music videos instead of neat web projects like this. For the uninitiated, here's a performance of another song from Robyn's new album about, what else, fembots:

Robyn's swag is killing me. [Killing Me via Fast Company]

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