Your House Could Be Made Of Recycled Diapers Someday

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Diapers and other absorbent hygiene products are a problem. In the UK alone, millions of tons are thrown away or incinerated each year. But Canadian company Knowaste has a solution that'll take this waste and convert it to building materials.


Knowaste's recycling process will take portions of this absorbent waste and recycle it into plastic building materials like roofing tiles and commercial tubing. The company has plans to build five diaper recycling plants in the UK over the next four years. Each plant will process 36,000 tons of absorbent waste yearly, which is about one fifth of the total diaper waste stream.

Initially, the supply of diapers will be provided by childcare facilities, nursing homes and hospitals but Knowaste hopes to expand its operations to support domestic waste in the future. [Sky News]

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Saturnia Regna: Morning Star

Yeah, no, I rather not live in a house built out of recycled diapers, no matter what kind of complex process they go through, thank you very much.