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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Your Last Opportunity to Go to the Moon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember when you were three and thought "I want to be an astronaut" but then you left home to became a waiter then a mackerel fisherman in the middle of the Atlantic then a male stripper/occasional porn actor then a surfer instructor then an art teacher onboard a Swedish ship school, and then became a blogger for a famous gadget site who likes to write about aerospace, Lego, and iPhones? Probably not, but I do. That's why I'm happy that NASA is recruiting astronauts for moon missions. But hurry up, because the 2009 Astronaut Candidate Class deadline is approaching fast:

Deadline Approaching to Apply for New NASA Astronaut Class

HOUSTON — NASA's deadline for accepting applications for the 2009 Astronaut Candidate Class is July 1. Those selected could fly to space for long-duration stays on the International Space Station and missions to the moon.

To be considered, a bachelor's degree in engineering, science or math and three years of relevant professional experience are required. Typically, successful applicants have significant qualifications in engineering or science, or extensive experience flying high-performance jet aircraft.

Teaching experience, including work at the kindergarten through 12th grade level, is considered qualifying. Educators with the appropriate educational background are encouraged to apply.

After a six-month period of evaluation and interviews, NASA will announce final selections in early 2009. Astronaut candidates will report to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston during the summer of 2009 to begin the basic training program to prepare them for future spaceflight assignments.

To apply to be an astronaut, click here.