Your Latest Lembas-Crumb of Lord of the Rings Show News Is Here

An Amazon press release! One small news item is enough to fill the stomach of a grown Lord of the Rings fan.
An Amazon press release! One small news item is enough to fill the stomach of a grown Lord of the Rings fan.
Image: Warner Bros.

Slowly but surely, Amazon’s version of Middle-earth is taking shape. Just, y’know, maybe more at Entmoot pace than Shire village meeting pace.


Amazon’s spent months and months (and months) slowly trickling out snippets of information about its still-untitled Lord of the Rings prequel series, from mysterious cast lists to synopses that essentially already confirmed things we’d learned from equally cryptic maps first teased what feels like an elven lifetime ago. And now, we have the latest: the series has tapped Doctor Who and Preacher director Wayne Che Yip to come aboard.

Yip—already part of the Amazon fantasy family, having directed some episodes of the upcoming Wheel of Time series for the streamer—is taking over from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s J.A. Bayona, who directed the first two episodes of the series. Yip will direct four episodes of the show, as well as co-executive produce.

And...that’s it! That’s all you’re getting for now, because Amazon is playing a long and cryptic game with the slow progress it’s making over in Middle-earth. Naturally, part of this is going to be not just the hurdles of trying to create a show with as vast a scope as Lord of the Rings, but the tribulations and hurdles  that come with filming amid a global pandemic (even if New Zealand is perhaps one of the safest places to do it so far). Add in the high expectations and anticipation a name like Lord of the Rings brings, and it makes sense that the studio wants to keep its secrets, and we just have to be all right with that.

We’ll bring you more on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings, no matter how small, as and when we learn it. After all, even the smallest things can change the course of the future.


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