Your Next Hyundai or Kia Will Come With Android Baked In

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Looks like mobile OS allegiance will soon become part of the car buying decision: Hyundai and Kia will use Android to power in-car entertainment and navigation systems in all new models, starting with the new Kia Soul and Hyundai Genesis coming at the end of the year.


While other manufacturers have touted in-car iOS compatibility for the past few years, this seems to be the first instance of automakers using a stock mobile OS, rather than designing one in-house. Saab promised to bring Android to the dashboard, but closed up shop before making good on it. Similarly, Elon Musk announced that Tesla will begin using an Android emulator to power the giant 17-inch dashboard touchscreen in the Model S, but no timeframe yet. Guess this means fanboys can now argue over operating system superiority on the showroom floor. [ETNews via TalkAndroid, Monterey Herald]

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what a fucking awful idea.

stop putting touchscreens in cars. stop putting data connections in cars. stop this stupid garbage.