Your Next Tricked-Out Gaming PC Deserves a Luxury Yacht-Shaped Case

If people pouring tens of thousands of dollars into upgrading a Honda leaves you scratching your head, elaborate PC builds should baffle you even more. Some people take great pride in their sick computers, though, and what better way to show off than with a luxury yacht-shaped case?

Lian Li’s new PC-Y6 Odyssey case looks exactly like one of the monstrous yachts you might find anchored off the coast of Monaco. Instead of billionaires, movie stars, or royalty onboard, you’ll find the guts of an over-the-top gaming PC, which are visible through a series of clear windows that keep dust out.


Lian Li has ensured its new case is as functional as it is ridiculous. While you’re building it, or when it’s time to make upgrades, the upper decks of the tiny yacht open up giving complete access to the PC hardware inside.

But what’s the point of having a unique yacht-shaped PC case if everyone in your WoW clan has the exact same setup? To ensure that only the elite come cruising into their next LAN tournament with the Odyssey in tow, Lian Li is limiting production to just 500 units, with pricing to be announced later in the year.


But whatever the cost ends up being, don’t forget to budget in a few extra bucks for Lian Li’s LED lighting upgrade kit. It really takes this case to a new level of “you spent how much on this?!”


[Lian Li via LinusTechTips Technabob]

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