Your Phone Will Break Before These Fortified Charging Cables Do

It's widely assumed that printer manufacturers make all of their money from expensive replacement ink cartridges, not the hardware. Perhaps the same can be said for smartphone makers, given how often their USB charging cables break. But you can put an end to constant replacements with these MOS Spring cables that are reinforced six ways from Sunday.


Anodized aluminum heads for the connectors won't crush or break if accidentally stepped on, while a metal spring where the actual wire connects to the head reinforces the weakest link in that chain. On top of that, the entire flexible cable is covered with a woven plastic exoskeleton that should keep it safe if and when an office chair rolls over it, and prevent it from ever getting tangled up.

The best part is that while Apple's official three-foot Lightning-to-USB cable will set you back $19, the MOS Spring alternative is just a few bucks more at $22. Considering it might be the last sync cable you buy, the extra few dollars certainly seems worth it. And for those of you without Apple gear, there's a microUSB version available too that's just $14 for three feet, and $18 for six.

You've probably got a protective case on your smartphone, why not your cables too? [Sewell]

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