Your sex life is boring and every animal on Earth is laughing about it

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Hey, you. You like sex, don't you? Of course you do. Weird sex? Kinky sex? Sure. You're probably all over that shit. But we bet your love life is still straight up Albertson's brand reduced fat vanilla compared to the fully loaded nookie-sundae that is sex in the animal kingdom.

Four-headed penises? Check. Apophallation (aka chewing off your partner's genitals)? Check. Mucus hammocks? Check. And that's just the beginning. In a new web series appropriately titled Wild Sex, Dr. Carin Bondar promises "kinky rituals, titillating pheromones, post-coital cannibalism, golden showers, orgy marathons & penises that put King Kong to shame."


For more info, check out this review of Bondar and Wild Sex by SciAm's Christie Wilcox. Or just watch the video up top. Or read this comic (by Roxy Drew) about giraffes and their pee-kink. Do whatever you want. You're wild and free, remember?