Your Titanic Godzilla Vs. Kong Spoiler Zone Has Entered the Ring

Hear me out: Godzilla Vs. Kong Vs. Tron.
Hear me out: Godzilla Vs. Kong Vs. Tron.
Image: Warner Bros.

Two giant monsters enter. Then, presumably, one giant monster leaves. The only way to know who wins and who loses is to watch Godzilla Vs. Kong, out today on HBO Max—and then head right back here to discuss the battle between the King of the Monsters and the Greatest of Apes, and whether it lived up to all its massive hype.

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We have our own opinion on the film, of course, but amid all the nonsense it was still immensely satisfying to watch the two giant monsters tussle. Mechagodzilla, on the other hand? ...Not so much. Still, you don’t necessarily have to like a movie in order to join the spoiler zone. So tell us what worked for you in the movie, what didn’t, and how much it would have been improved if Jet Jaguar had made an appearance.

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Having watched it, it’s not a bad movie. Arguably better than KoM because there were two monsters and the movie gave them enough to do.

Also, the fights taking place in broad daylight is nice. Being able to tell what's going on is great!

However, the plot at its core was Batmonkey vs Superlizard. And once I realized it, it became really hard to ignore.

- Godzilla is the aggressor with Kong presented as the good guy trying to stave him off.

- Godzilla gets the best of Kong the first time, until Kong comes back with a special tool that levels the playing field.

- The final boss is a “clone” of Godzilla created by a tech billionaire who loses control of his creation.

- Kong/Zilla team up to defeat the final boss using the same tool that was shown to be Zilla’s weakness.

All that was missing was Mothra swooping in with a rocking guitar riff version of her theme.