YourBell USB Doorbell Lets You Choose Your Chime

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Doorbell technology is in growth mode, as evidenced by YourBell, yet another USB-connected doorbell that stores and plays MP3 and WAV files and uses your existing doorbell button. It's similar to that ReBell we showed you yesterday. This one has a 4-inch speaker for so-called "CD-quality sound," and it's made out of your choice of a variety of real wood species. Never mind that its 7.5-inch case looks like it was designed back in 1932—this clunky thing can store 30 different sounds, and a total of around four minutes' worth of audio. And hey, at $89.99 it's $10 cheaper than that strange-looking silver ReBell MP3 doorbell we showed you yesterday. Finally, doorbells are starting to catch up with cellphones. [BCS Ideas]


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I won't be happy until I can take my doorbell with me wherever I go. Use it while driving, chime while at restaurants and at the theatre. I'd especially like a hands free doorbell that I can conveniently attach to my ear.