You're Not on Mushrooms, This Animated Fidget Spinner Brings Super Mario to Life

GIF: YouTube

Despite the internet already being oversaturated with fidget spinner content, YouTube’s A Pyro Design has come up with a unique use for the fad toys. He turned a fidget spinner into a handheld zoetrope that brings Super Mario to life using three simple frames of animation.

That bizarre warping effect of the fidget spinner in motion is a result of the rolling electronic shutter on the smartphone camera being used. Here’s a quick explainer on why it’s happening, which, in this case, kind of makes the video even cooler to watch.


To the naked eye, Super Mario will just look like a blur as the fidget spinner spins. But seeing the animation is as simple as pointing your smartphone’s camera at the spinner, its electronic shutter will slow down the motion, revealing Mario’s perpetual run.

[YouTube via Nerd Approved]

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What the hell is up with all the spinners, I’m seeing them every where. Its as stupid a fad as I have ever seen.