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YouTuber Buys a Laser on eBay That's So Terrifyingly Powerful, It Instantly Fries His Camera

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You can now add ‘30 million-watt peak power tattoo removing laser’ to the long list of things you probably shouldn’t be able to buy on eBay. YouTuber Drake Anthony, better known as Styropyro, is an expert on all things lasers, and even he was taken aback by the power of a laser that he, or really anyone, can buy on eBay.

A set of included tips allows the color of the laser to be altered, and at peak power, Anthony estimates it has an output of close to 30 million watts. That would probably give the Death Star’s superlaser a run for its money, except that in order to not slice off the arm of someone actually getting a tattoo removed, this machine fires pulses that are just 10 billionths of a second long. That’s only enough time for the emitted light to travel about three meters, whereas if you pointed a laser pointer at the sky for a full second, it would travel over 300,000 kilometers.

The laser easily leaves giant craters when pointed at various metals, including Tungsten, which has the highest melting point of all pure metals at over 3,400 degrees Celsius. What’s even more terrifying than the power of the laser is that it includes a pair of safety glasses that appear to be well underrated for what this machine is capable of. It’s not hard to fry a digital camera’s sensor by pointing a laser directly at it, but this tattoo remover was able to utterly decimate the sensor on Anthony’s Sony camera (as is evident by all the green dots appearing over his footage) without it actually being pointed directly at the lens. Do not try (to buy) this at home.