YouTuber's Tiny GameCube Is a Heartbreaking Look at What Could Have Been

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Screenshot: Madmorda

Unlike the low-effort PlayStation Classic, the NES Classic and SNES Classic are among the best attempts at reviving the lovable consoles from days gone by. But for some reason, despite selling millions of its retro consoles, Nintendo hasn’t continued its line of console reboots and doesn’t seem interested in taking it further, leaving fans of systems like the N64 and Gamecube to their own devices.

So YouTuber Madmorda did just that, and created a tiny homemade version of the Gamecube Classic, right down to the system’s four controller ports and built-in handle. From the looks of the video, Madmorda’s mini Gamecube looks to be about 1/10th the size of the original console, so naturally, some adjustments had to be made when miniaturizing Nintendo’s cute, cubical console.

Instead of traditional Gamecube controller ports on the front, Madmorda used 3.5mm jacks for their smaller size and then created special dongles that allow you to hook up traditional Gamecube controllers like you normally would. Meanwhile, to save even more space, MadMorda also swapped out the GCN’s original memory card slots for USB ports. The first port can be used to save and store entire game ROMs, while the second port supports the Wii U USB Gamecube controller adapter, which makes it a bit easier for a second player to join in on the fun.


Madmorda’s even included a functional fan, power button, and indicator light just like you got on the original console. However, since there aren’t any discs that would fit in a drive that small, Madmorda’s mini Gamecube understandably doesn’t feature a working disc drive.

Finally, in back, the tiny Gamecube sports a micro USB port for power along with another 3.5mm for video out, so you can hook the system up to a modern display (with the proper adapter).

Madmorda’s tiny Gamecube follows the YouTuber’s successful attempt at making a miniature Gamecube controller fashioned out of a keychain, in addition to a whole host of other custom modded consoles and controllers.


The sad part about all this is that after seeing this thing, is now we have to wonder if Nintendo will ever make real Gamecube classic for all of us without the skills or time to make one for ourselves. After releasing the NES classic in the fall of 2016 and following that up with the SNES Classic in late 2017, Nintendo never released a third classic console adaptation for the 2018 holiday season.

If I had my way, I’d love to see a Gameboy Classic, an N64 Classic, and then a Gamecube Classic in that order. And who knows, maybe there’s still a chance. Nintendo, make it happen. But that’s just me. There’s probably someone out there still thirsting for a Virtual Boy Classic.