It just isn't appropriate to bring your personal assistant home with you, but Zaojun doesn't mind. The concept Wi-Fi gadget can do lots of things, including read you your email, messages and be programed to turn on appliances.

It appears that Zaojun would have a tactile surface which you can rub to turn it on (yes, lewd joke intended). According to the designer, the receiver is made out of a Kevlar membrane which allows it "to answer your calls or listen to music." I also assume the integrated Bluetooth helps with this. You should be able to control the guy remotely with its router of sorts. It has some wireless charging capabilities, too.


It doesn't appear that Zaojun is coming anytime soon, but it looks and sounds mighty cool. In the meantime, I guess there is always those real life personal assistants that do more than just sit on your desk. [Coroflot via Design Blog]