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Zatanna Is Going To Magic School in Her New Comic Series

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

From Harry Potter to Little Witch Academia, the appeal of schools dedicated to witchcraft and wizardry is strong today—so now DC Comics is getting on it all by taking its most famous magician, Zatanna Zatara, and sending her off to magical college.

Written by Alisa Kwitney with art by Mike Norton, bi-monthly miniseries Mystik U follows a younger iteration of Zatanna as she enrolls in the titular school for the magically gifted upon learning of her own mystical powers. She’ll be joined by re-imagined teenaged versions of several other DC magic users: Sebastian Faust (son of the villainous wizard Felix Faust), the Enchantress, and even Golden Age stage magician Sargon the Sorceror, as well as a new magical character in the form of pre-med student Pia Morales. Zatanna and her new friends will explore both their burgeoning magical talents as well as their first real taste of freedom as young adults, and all the drama that goes along with being a student.


The mystical side of DC Comics isn’t really an area that’s being tapped in its comics right now, and Zatanna herself has been relegated to obscurity, so this is definitely a cool way to come to it at another angle—plus, the idea of a modern magic school in the DC universe is pretty nifty. Mystik U will wizard its way to store shelves this November.


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