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ZEM Headphones Cancel Noise Without Electronics

Illustration for article titled ZEM Headphones Cancel Noise Without Electronics

The results: lower weight, lower price tag. Sounds good to me.

Dr. Jozef Zwislocki, an audio researcher, came up with the new technique that uses a simple amplifier to cancel background noise and reproduce purer sounds for these SensGard headphones, which promise to provide up to 37 dB reduction in noise in both low and high frequency ranges.


The ZEM headphones weigh only 2oz, fold up for portability, and will run you $90. (much easier on the wallet than other hefty options. [SensGard via ipodnn]

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Fuzzy Logic

Once your headphones are going to be of the in-ear variety why would you ever want that bar over your head. I thought the only reason this style was still around was because many people don't like the in-ear feel...?

edit: this was terribly worded, but it was the only way I could think to keep if from becoming an essay.