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Ok Creative, it looks like your Zen Vision:M has scored pretty nicely with the geek squads at both Cnet Asia and Generation MP3. Both reviews believe this is a real competitor to the Video iPod in both look, feel and tech, though nothing ever compares to Apple in the design area. Both agree that even thought the Zen is a little more expensive (both players have a 30GB hard drive), the Vision:M is more complete with its adapter, which is only an option (for around $30) on the iPod. With a large scroll wheel for better navigation and backlit buttons, the system seems easy to use and intuitive. But it's the screen that catches attention. Yes, it's 2.5 inches like the iPod, but the 262,144-pixel LCD scores big props, giving you crisp, sharp pictures. And the brightness can be adjusted when you switch environments. In terms of codecs, Creative has substantial support, which lets you play almost any of your digital content immediately. And guess what? You also get a FM radio, voice/FM recording, picture viewing and the option to sync Microsoft Outlook data (one way only) as well as output video to an external display, which is a nice list of extra features. A search feature with keyword search makes it easy to look for specific content, though one lament is the lack of a ripping software to digitize DVDs. Creative MediaSource content manager software is bundled together with an enhanced Windows Explorer interface though you're welcome to use Windows Media Player 10. The one big miss seems to be connectivity. With no built-in mini USB port or AC jack, the Vision:M instead has a proprietary port, which means you'll have to attach an external sync adapter every time you want to charge the unit or connect it to a computer. Kind of annoying. So, as of now, we are getting a general thumbs up for this PMP, in both audio and video, though reviews are still being formulated. Hopefully you'll get to check one out yourself soon. And remember, pre-orders have started at


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