Zune 4.0 Software Out Now

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Have you noticed all the Zune HD unboxing galleries around the Interwebs right now? While it hits stores today, no one's been able to completely review it yet—Microsoft has only just posted the required Zune 4.0 software online.


We're working on the full review as I type this, but while you wait:
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New features in the Zune 4.0 software include quickplay, smart DJ, mini mode, mixview, and the Zune Marketplace with apps and games. Microsoft says it plans Twitter and Facebook apps later this year, and some of the first 3D games for the Nvidia Tegra-powered player will be Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition, Vans Sk8: Pool Service, and Audiosurf Tilt. (Meanwhile, older Zunes can update to software 3.2)

And as you can see below, Xbox 360 streaming is on the way... [Zune.net and PRNewsWire]

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OK. I just realized what bothers me the most about the Zune platform. MS baits the user with excellent hardware then consistently leaves them hanging with promised functionality. I see this statement quite often in Zune blogs/forums: "Just wait for it, it's coming".

Apple has us waiting for stuff too. But the difference I see is that I can still update my first gen iPhone and get added functionality with upgrades/apps. MS just forced all early Zune adopters to purchase a new HD to get all of the new functionality and killed off potential future functionality by dropping the SDK. I'm pissed and I'm a Mac guy!

Love my Xbox360 and I'm curious to see what Zune will bring to the 360 table. What's the difference between Zune and the current media offerings? This whole Zune ecosystem is getting confusing.